MiStory Book Launch

7tynf8rzAuthor and Wise Response committee member Philip Temple is about to publish a book exploring a future left unchecked. Anyone wishing to order a copy or copies, at the recommended retail price of $35, before 18 July, will receive signed copies at their postal address when they become available in early August. The price includes GST, packing and postage and a donation of $10 to Wise Response. Purchasers should contact Philip directly at strongbeak@xtra.co.nz with their postal address and for a bank account number for payment. This offer will be available until 18 July.

Is this what our future looks like?
The surveillance society, climate change, global financial crises, the end of oil, incurable diseases, all these and more are threats that constantly make news headlines. So where do we go from here?
Following Annie’s strange death, her partner is forced to think about what has happened to his life, his community and his country. His diary, kept during the year of The Change, reveals how the example Annie left him, and the mission of his young sister Sophie, drive him to escape the life of a bureaucratic cipher and work with the Movement in its fight to bring back a free and fair way of life.
In  this gripping novel, underpinned by wide research, award-winning author Philip Temple  tells a tale of life at mid-century and reveals what the future may hold if we ignore the threats that face us and carry on with ‘business as usual’. Philip’s last novel The Mantis was described in the New Zealand Listener as ‘at the summit of fiction writing’. 
This is Philip Temple’s tenth novel and the latest addition to a remarkable array of work that has won him awards and fellowships for his fiction and non-fiction, TV documentaries and children’s books. He has been made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) for services to literature and received a Prime Minister’s Award for Literary Achievement. 
Format:    230 X 252mm Extent:    272 pages
Binding:    Limp bound
ISBN:    978-0-473-28204-2
Pub date:    August 2014
RRP:    $35