WR Submission to the Otago Regional Council’s Policy Statement Review

In November 2015, Wise Response appeared before 3 ORC commissioners to make a case for much more realistic recognition of the implications of resource limits in the Plan under the “precautionary approach” which is a requirement in the National Coastal Policy Statement.

Eight expert witnesses appeared for the Society addressing different threats to the business-as-usual model – Dr John Peet on Energy and engineering, Dr Bob Lloyd on the remaining carbon budget, engineer Nathan Surendran on energy and transport, Dr Bill Lee on the state of ecology and biodiversity, Dr Alan Mark on upland ecology and hydrology, Dr Liz Slooten on the state of marine ecosystems, Dr Alexandra McMillan on threats to public health and Chris Perley on land use.

We were limited to 2 hours for the entire submission and some of the experts phoned in, so it was something of a mission. But in closing, one commissioner remarked that the presentation had been “invaluable for them because it had come at the Plan from a completely different direction to other submitters”.

Once the commissioners have completed their deliberations, the RPS will be publically notified. Should any submitter still have concerns with the notified document, they can appeal the Decision to the Environment Court. Given the deep structural nature of the changes we seek and the wide range of submissions Council recieved, we anticipate having to appear before the Environment Court. More details at http://www.orc.govt.nz/Publications-and-Reports/Regional-Policies-and-Plans/Regional-Policy-Statement/Otago-Regional-Policy-Statement-Review/


The evidence given is available to download as PDF’s:

Wise Response Submission to ORC Policy Statement

Oral submission to the RPS Final, Dugald McTavish

Upland Ecology and Hydrology, Dr Alan Mark

Energy and Engineering, Dr John Peet

The Remaining Carbon Budget, Dr Bob Lloyd

Energy and Transport, Nathan Surendran

The State of Ecology and Biodiversity, Dr Bill Lee

The State of Marine Ecosystems, Dr Liz Slooten

Threats to Public Health, Dr Alexandra McMillan

Land Use, Chris Perley