Integrated Landscape Management Seminar Presentations

All Regional and District Councils are required to achieve integrated management of natural and physical resources under the Resource Management Act.  Wise Response Society Inc consider that many of the adverse land management and water quality issues we are now experiencing could be avoided or significantly mitigated, if this requirement were being more effectively achieved. 

The general concept of Integrated Landscape Management (ILM) appears to have huge potential to enhance resilience at a community, catchment or landscape scale.

Over and above the potential benefits of the approach some of the questions this seminar addressed aimed to get insights into include:

  • What are the goals, potential advantages and obstacles to an ILM approach?
  • What decision support options and tools are available to achieve more integrated landuse management?
  • What input data do the models require to give reliable results and does it exist?
  • What are the outputs of such models and how can they be used?
  • Would LUCI or other models be useful to a diverse group of stakeholders to learn and plan with?
  • Where and how might a the method be most usefully trialed? 

The following documents are available to download as PDFs:

Minutes from the meeting: WiseResponseMinutes ILM Workshop Nov 2017 Final

ILM Handout: WR_Handout_on_ILM


Nathan Surendran: A context: critical issues for WR relevant to land-use

Alan Mark: Scope for & potential of an integrated landscape approach to address emerging issues & risks

Dugald MacTavish: Scoping the potential for an integrated process for reducing risk

Will Anglin: A legal viewpoint on integration in ILM

Alex MacMillan: A public heath perspective on ILM & a participatory approach

Rhys Millar: The Halo Project: beyond the Orokonui example

Craig MacDonell (+ Aubrey Millar), Dept. of Surveying

James Renwick (NIWA): Climate & ILM

Bethanna Jackson, senior lecturer, School of Geography, Environment, and Earth Sciences (Victoria): ILM initiatives elsewhere & approaches we might consider