Impacts of the mining/minerals industry, Public Meeting

Public meeting on Impacts of mining/minerals industry

Wise Response extends an invitation to an open information forum to discuss issues around the mining industry.  We have extended the same invitation to Chris Baker of Straterra and its membership for an inclusive discussion because we believe we are all in this together.

This meeting coincides with the Straterra’s NZ Minerals Forum which is planned for the City Centre, 27-29 May.  Professor Susan Krumdieck will deliver a similar paper to that she will give earlier in the day to the Forum under the title  “Meeting the Climate challenge” (in response to a request from Wise Response Soc.).

Concurrently, there is an application to the Overseas Investment Office by Plaman Resources Ltd, to purchase land to mine the Diatomaceous earth at  Foulden Maar, near Middlemarch, an internationally recognised fossil deposit, for the purpose of providing a stock food supplement. Professor Daphne Lee and Dr Nic Rawlence will provide expert information on this site.

Issues around both this specific example and the broader issues posed for mining, in the context of climate change, will be addressed and lead into open discussion. 

Please advise friends and associates of this important meeting, free to the public, with the attached poster, which can be printed, circulated and displayed as you wish. 

Alan Mark and Dugald MacTavish for Wise Response Soc. and NZ Young Engineers.


Bios of speakers:

  • Assoc Professor Daphne Lee, Department of Geology: special interests include paleobotany and paleoecology, paleoclimatology and living and fossil brachiopods. –
  • Dr Nic Rawlence, Director – Otago Palaeogenetics Laboratory Senior Lecturer: special interest include Ancient DNA, Evolution and palaeoecology of extinct fauna, Effects of climate change and human impact on past ecosystems. 
  • Professor Susan Krumdieck, Canterbury University, Co-Leader Global Association for Transition Engineering Director Advanced Energy and Material Systems Lab with special interests in new methodologies and tools needed to change existing systems to rapidly shift away from fossil fuels.