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As demand for growth exceeds earth’s physical limits, causing unprecedented risks, what knowledge and changes do we need to secure New Zealand’s future wellbeing?

Ours is a biologically complex and exquisite planet. Caring, informed people now accept that a healthy sustainable environment is integral to all life and that our future depends on having genuine sustainability as our core goal.

Today, most scientists believe critical “thresholds” are upon us, that the consequences are likely to be disastrous and irreversible if we do not make urgent fundamental changes. In this respect the links between climate change, current fossil fuel extraction and combustion, and a stable economy are deeply concerning. So far, New Zealand has failed to truly face up to such unprecedented threats to its security.

We, the undersigned, therefore call on the New Zealand parliament to face up to the situation and forthwith, dispassionately assess the risks in the following five priority areas*and from those recommendations, design cross-party policies to avert any confirmed threats to give future generations the very best chance of security, peace, social justice and opportunity.

1. Economic security: the risk of a sudden, deepening, or prolonged financial crisis.

2. Energy and climate security: the risk of continuing our heavy dependence on fossil fuels.

3. Business continuity: the risk exposure of all New Zealand business, including farming, to a lower
carbon economy.

4. Ecological security: the risks associated with failing to genuinely protect both land-based and
marine ecosystems and their natural processes.

5. Genuine well-being: the risk of persisting with a subsidised, debt-based economy, preoccupied
with maximising consumption and GDP.

* for further explanation on these five, refer to “The Appeal” on this website

Please note the Appeal will be formally presented to parliament 9th April, 2014. The petition will remain open to gather further support.

I support a National Risk Assessment of the five subjects identified in the Appeal for a wise political response to our deteriorating world.

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Wise Response has launched on AVAAZ !

We’ve just released a new push for signatories to build on the 3,500+ including you who have already signed via the website, in advance of our submission to parliament on the 9th April.

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Help to collect signatures – download the Appeal as a PDF here: Risk Appeal Petition

Recent comments from signatories:

As a small and potentially agile country which already views it’s wider environment as a key element in both its social and economic future, the proposed evaluation, executed by recognised experts independent of political and economic interests can only serve to strengthen the future of this nation and therefore New Zealand’s role in influencing our future on this planet.
As such, I implore the Government to act on the request of this appeal, Dr. James T. Reardon

It is time that narrow economic views stopped running New Zealand. I fully support this initiative which would bring depth and a broader vision to future governanc, Daniella Blake

We have the responsibility to take considered action based on evidence.
We have the opportunity to lead in best practice.
We have the possibility of finding workable solutions that will enhance our communities, our nation and our environment, Joe Hunter

I believe NZ is unique globally in our potential to address these issues (at the national level), and reap the long term benefits from becoming recognised as a global leader around these issues, Brent Bielby

This is the most rational and comprehensive approach I have come across, to these issues. I’m very happy to support this call for a parliamentary national risk assessment to take place, Douglas Holborow

An excellent and logical initiative, Ralph Lyon

There is no ‘Planet B’, Dr Kenneth R Deans

Our world and all within it is desperately in need of the leadership that can rise above the inveiglement and exigency of short term party political and financial expediancy, David Goodley

Our future depends on making smart decisions now. We need to take environmental issues seriously. We only have one earth and we in NZ must act responsibly to protect it, Jennifer Stone.

A very timely movement in the light of NZ’s future crimes against humanity and Life on Earth, through exacerbating climate change and extreme weather events by pursuing expansion of fossil fuel extraction on land (Denniston) and at sea (Taranaki and Canterbury), Paul Elwell-Sutton.

As a country we have the means to form a collective response to these issues. We can use our collective intelligence to move from the direction we are in. Now is the time act to become part of the global village that hold these principles, Malibu Hamilton.

Everything is connected; we are a part of the natural world and it is incumbent on us all to work with nature rather than using it with no thought for the consequences, West Coast Blue Penguin Trust.

Long term cross party planning is required in order to future proof our environment. The short term planning of an incumbent government constrained by a desire to ensure re-election is insufficient to ensure long term sustainability, Merilyn Manley-Harris.

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