As demand for growth exceeds earth’s physical limits,
causing unprecedented risks, what knowledge and changes do we need
to secure New Zealand’s future wellbeing?


Wise Response is a broad coalition of academics, engineers, lawyers, artists, sportspeople etc who are calling on New Zealand’s Parliament to comprehensively assess imminent risks to New Zealand and to draw up plans to deal with them.Wise-Response-Postcard

Spokesperson Sir Alan Mark has lectured throughout the country, gaining widespread support; “We ask Parliament to address such matters as our heavy dependence on carbon, how another financial crash would affect us, how well our business sector would cope, how the precarious state of our environmental and our social well-being could impact on the nation and hence, the legacy we may be leaving our children.  And, because of their interconnectedness, how a crisis in any one area would destabilise the others”.

Since the Appeal was first conceived in 2011, it has gained the support of 1,000’s of individuals and 35 organisations. Sir Geoffery Palmer, former NZ Environment Minister has become patron and scores of New Zealander’s have left heartfelt messages endorsing the campaign and expressing their anxiety for the future of New Zealand.

The Appeal was tabled in parliament by Dr Kennedy Graham and described as ‘.. perhaps the most important petition ever to be delivered to Parliament’.

A wise response is awaited.


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