Climate Change Workshop rescheduled for Wellington, 12th/13th February 2017

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Hi – this is to confirm that Wise Response Inc have rescheduled and expanded the 14 Nov Climate Change Workshop (cancelled due to the Quake) for Sunday 12 and Monday 13 February 2017.   We are again inviting the representatives of groups who were at the first workshop in January 2016, those who have been assisting with the “Position Paper” development and others we know of who we think may be interested in representing a group or have a special interest.

Sunday 12th Workshop (1.00pm – 5.00pm)
Climate change modelling as a tool:
This will be a participatory workshop run by Dr David Rees on modelling climate change scenarios. The workshop will be built around “World Climate”, a climate negotiation role-playing exercise that puts people into the role of negotiators at the UN Climate talks. Utilising a computer simulation model of the dynamics of the climate system that has influenced the actual global negotiations, the exercise explores the science and geopolitics of international agreements. People, as representatives of different countries and country groupings will be able to put forward their commitments and, by using the simulation model, see how they affect future trajectories. The model will also be used to show the impact of current INDCs on global temperature, sea level and other key indices.  Building around this core exercise David will:

  • Introduce the nature and size of the task confronting us and the effectiveness of mitigation options.
  • Provide insight into the role that dynamic simulation models can play in increasing understanding and building consensus.
  • Provide insights as to what climate models are available (including ‘micro-models’ that apply more locally), how they have been used by others for wider education purposes.

Monday 13th Workshop (9.00am – 4.30pm – note earlier start)

The programme will be similar to that which was planned for November, as most of the speakers have kindly made themselves available again for February and is primarily directed at confirming the NGO position paper (see attached draft) and determining a strategy for its promotion.

Programme will include:

  • Welcome: update, objectives and approach – Sir Alan Mark, Dugald MacTavish
  • Quantifying the challenge: Review climate change modelling workshop and implications – Nathan Surendran
  • Psychology: resolving differing worldviews and values – Assoc Prof Niki Harre
  • Public health: perspectives on “fair share” and wellbeing – Dr Alex MacMillan and Dr Scott Metcalfe
  • Policy: International and local initiatives – Dr Adrian Macey
  • Economy and finance: purpose, hurdles and opportunities – Assoc Prof Marjan van den Belt
  • Legal and constitutional: hurdles and opportunities – Dr Catherine Iorns
  • Collaborative process: effective participation – Dr Roger Blakeley
  • Position Paper: review, confirmation and influencing strategy – Wise Response team

Links between workshops: The Sunday Modelling Workshop is intended to provide a firm foundation for understanding the scientific and political challenges for the Monday workshop.  The first session on Monday will briefly review the outcomes of Sunday’s workshop, but this will be no substitute for participating.  We would therefore strongly encourage you to attend both days if at all possible.  If we need to restrict numbers, preference will be given to those attending both.

Registration: Could everyone who wishes to attend (even those of you who were registered for the November workshop) please confirm with both Alan and Dugald whether it will be both or one or other of the workshops (or to Skype in).  If you know of other NGO groups who might be interested in being represented, please pass this on.

Venue: We will confirm the venue in Wellington for these workshops in the new year as there is still considerable uncertainty over options after the quake. We were fully subscribed for the November Workshop, so we will try and accommodate a few more this time if we can.  At this stage we anticipate there will be the facilities to Skype in to both workshops.

Travel and Accommodation: You will need to make your own travel and accommodation arrangements.  Before booking please confirm with us that you are registered.

We think this will be a highly informative and important event and hope you can attend and contribute.  We will send out a more details nearer the dates.

Meanwhile, best wishes for an enjoyable Xmas,

Alan Mark and Dugald MacTavish

(For Wise Response)