WR Press Release – NZ’s Emissions Reduction Plan falls well short

Press release: 29 November 2021


‘The overall emissions budget proposed by the Ministry for the Environment is not nearly ambitious enough,’ says Chair of the Wise Response Society, Prof. Liz Slooten. ‘The IPCC requirement to keep global warming to 1.5ºC by 2030 means a median reduction of 45%. New Zealand should have an emissions reduction budget of 60%.’

Co-chair Dr Jim Salinger says, ’We strongly support the Climate Change Commission’s position that future carbon budgets be science-based and mandatory to achieve transformational change.’ The Society of scientists and engineers has concluded that the magnitude and unprecedented nature of the transition from growth of unconstrained fossil fuel production and its use will require a “Moon Shot” level of response. This must include Mission Driven investment to convert our low carbon transition goal to concrete action – starting now.

Wise Response has filed a 35-page submission with the Ministry on its Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) that includes recommendations across all areas of the environment and economy in order to reach a realistic ERP goal aimed at keeping within the 1.5ºC warming limit. The Society will be commenting in detail on its specific recommendations over the next months. ‘But the time to act is now,’ says Slooten. ‘We are barely 100 months away from 2030. Every month wasted makes our task harder.’

Contacts: Liz Slooten

Jim Salinger