Energy Webinar



At a recent webinar, the New Zealand Labour Party Environment Sector was delighted to host our keynote speaker Associate Professor Simon Michaux – global expert and commentator on energy limits.
Simon was joined by local energy heroes, Nathan Surendran – transition engineer and Solis Norton – Nuffield Scholar (energy in agriculture).

At this link you can find the webinar recording – watch, enjoy and expect to be challenged about our energy future! The webinar does not reflect New Zealand Labour Party policy.

Simon discusses the extra mineral and material capacity needed for transition to rebuildables (aka renewables) and discuss limits and constraints of hydrogen and pumped storage. In his introduction, Nathan set the global energy scene and later explored how the limits Simon outlines will affect New Zealand. Solis rounded this off by looking at the impact on agriculture.

Pre-reading was circulated and can be found here for those of you who want a little bit more background to this fascinating webinar.!AvusbQdPBRgDgYluK-IyDSMSROaHOg?e=aeI0Or